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Planting A Tree  a step-by-step guide
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Choosing a Tree
Types of Trees
When to Plant
How to Plant a Tree
Water, Mulch, Fertilizer
Staking and Guy Wiring
Wrapping and Pruning
Transplanting Trees



Help your newly planted or transplanted trees establish themselves with a custom care kit including specially selected fertilizer, a mycorrhizal fungi treatment, and a biostimulant.

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Container Trees For Sale at a Home Garden Center Planting trees is an easy and effective way to beautify your property, provide shade in summer and wind protection in winter and enhance privacy all while increasing real estate values at the same time. Since a tree is such a visible part of the landscape care must be taken to ensure proper growth conditions are maintained.  A tree is far more difficult - and expensive - to replace, once mature in the landscape, than most shrubs.  However, with some advance planning, trees too can be easily maintained.

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